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Thrive Parenting - For Parents with Kids who Need "Extra Supports"

Jennie & Lynn Owens

Hosted by Jennie Owens, author of Dancing with a Porcupine, and Lynn Owens, Co-founder and Owner of Canyon Lakes Family Counseling Center.Supporting, encouraging and empowering parents of kids who need some "extra supports"Overwhelmed with the thought of being home an extra six weeks (at least) with your kids?Got cabin fever after the first day of isolation? Not sure what you are going to do to keep the kids from burning down the house? Grieving the loss of those precious few moments of alone time?You are not alone and SHOULD NOT be alone if you are going to make it through the Coronavirus pandemic without losing your mind.Let’s face it. This is serious, and while most of us don’t have to worry about serious health effects of COVID-19, when you are raising kids who need some “extra supports” every change has the potential to overwhelm them. As parents, the coming months could push you into burnout or compassion fatigue (if you are not already there).We are here to help. We can’t do this alone, so if your support network is currently not up to the task of months of semi-isolation then let’s come together to help each other through this pandemic.We are starting a brand-new support podcast for parents of kids who need some extra supports. This may be: -Depression-Anxiety-ADHD-All other major mental health issues-Foster/Adopt/Kinship Care-Special Medical Needs-Behavioral Issues-Sensory Issues-Attachment issues-Trauma